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 Complaint about two limads

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PostSubject: Complaint about two limads   Sun 29 Sep - 0:25

recently i was racing on one of the MRC servers, then a guy shouted at me and called me idiot because i couldnt press shift + S as i was asking for a ban on one of the crashers in the server. so, this hotheaded limad called me idiot and kicked me later on. his nick was buds. he doesnt really have the attitude a limad should have. he is treating others like bugs.

my second complaint is about a limad restarting a race on the last lap. i dont have the replay because he restarted immediately and i didnt have time to save it. i have the replay of the next race where one of the guys in server complains about him restarting on lap 3 on a race with 3 laps. and there were no crashes everyone was going smoothly. i dont know why he did it but he did it. please take a look at these kids in your servers.


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PostSubject: Re: Complaint about two limads   Mon 30 Sep - 1:47

First of all the collision with Buds was your fault because you didn't spectate. Usually saying "sorry" and explaining your behaviour is approporiate after such situations. Pls add this to your reasoning line.

About second complaint: you need to provide time and date so Supads can check logs/replays.

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Complaint about two limads
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