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 Banned (replay included)

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PostSubject: Banned (replay included)   Wed 23 Oct - 1:59


I was racing on 23.10. @ 01.00h on Formula BMW.

After a collision with Teacher/Chris ahead of T1 he advised me to drive carefully. 

I told him that I would watch replay. I was not with him in his decision. 

After watching replay I told him that I do not share his opinion and think that he was significantly involved in this incidend. I told him I watched replay from my AND from his POV. No swearing, no complaining from my side. 

His reaction was : "You are stupid, take 24h." He banned me for 12 hours. 

Download Replay

Independently if I'm wrong with my opinion or not, I do not agree with him utilise his position as Limad/Admin. 

Greeting from Germany,
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PostSubject: Re: Banned (replay included)   Wed 23 Oct - 11:11

Hello I'll take the time to explain to refresh your memory :
we were small on the track several times before the race, you have an aggressive driving,
and you had no sorry. 
I said nothing, but your behavior is not fair. then you try starting a suicidal Overtake.
At the end of the race I ask you to be careful.
during races after your aggression you did not complain when you suffer yourself your driving, you drive to lose ...
you have been banned for your ill will,
the most interesting race is a real fight, not to attempt sucidale maneuvers…No 
Sorry for my bad English, with translate.


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PostSubject: Re: Banned (replay included)   Wed 23 Oct - 13:32

Well,....thx for your answer.

I do not understand everything  but that doesn't care. I do not want to be enemy with you. You have your opinion about the situation, I have mine. 

People who know me on the server will know that normally I excuse for every incident that I cause. 

If I did not this time, I catch up: Sorry. Propably I didn't excuse right after race because I went to second LFS-Window to watch replay and build my opinion. 

I still think that it was not your right to ban me because of explaining myself. There isn't always only black and white. 

However, I am not resentful. Race on.
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PostSubject: Re: Banned (replay included)   

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Banned (replay included)
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