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 Unfair Ban/ User needs a ban

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PostSubject: Unfair Ban/ User needs a ban   Tue 24 Dec - 3:55


Got banned by vote this evening on your [MRc] GP Track BMW server, where 3 out of the 5 votes were cast by users who had just joined and hence had no idea about what had happened.

Long story short: had a coming together with a user named 'drifter2121' aka 'HUN Skyline' where he reckoned I was blocking him. He then proceeded to hurl abuse out over the messages. 

In the following race he was alongside me and simply, intentionally, turned into me well before the corner hitting my rear wheel and putting me off into the barriers. He then proceeded to claim that that was also my fault, threw out a bit more abuse before going out and waiting for me on track. When I came around he crashed into me no less than three times. The continued to abuse and get the others to vote for me to be banned?

Should surely be the other way around.

I have the replay if wanted.

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Unfair Ban/ User needs a ban
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