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Server Supad/Forum Admin, Airio Manager
Server Supad/Forum Admin, Airio Manager

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PostSubject: DDOS AGAIN   Sat 4 Jan - 2:03

Hello to all,

Just for say we was attacked again by ddos attack, seems like the ddoser is back.

Jalousy.. maybe because we have the best server and some people are angry on this and they can just ddos.

Little boy again


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Founder, Team owner, Server Supad/Forum Admin
Founder, Team owner, Server Supad/Forum Admin

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PostSubject: Re: DDOS AGAIN   Sat 4 Jan - 4:03

hello sam

Ive noticed for the past few days that the server can go laggy all of a sudden(most lag ive noticed ever). Could that also be them trying to attack.

I believe that the possibility of the attacker actually connecting to the server either just before or during the attack is pretty high also. il see if i can notice anything unusual around that time if like.

Really immature little kids that do this and what they dont realise is that whatever there reason is they cannot defeat us or win
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