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 i'd like to get faster lap-times

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Limad 3
Limad 3

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PostSubject: i'd like to get faster lap-times   Thu 13 Feb - 16:37

Track: Blackwood
Car: FBM

Any tips else from practice?
i think im going as fast as i can, but probaly im not, my current hotlap is 1:15:13 or somewhere arround, im new to the game still, and been using G27, but recently broke, so now im using mouse + Keyboard

would be sweet if someone could spectate and tell me where to go faster / Slower!

Regards ~Fierce Domination!
Race safe!

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PostSubject: Re: i'd like to get faster lap-times   Thu 13 Feb - 19:46

Game settings
Driving with mouse/kb I use mouse steering and mouse buttons for throttle and braking. "A" keyboard letter for gearing up and "Z" for gearing down. Some people use mouse buttons for switching gears and keyboard for throttle and braking. Find your most comfortable settings.

Then make sure that your "button control rate" is set by value of 10.00 (it is in "Controls" settings).

Car setups

You can record a replay and upload it to some file sharing service (I use for uploading files).

Also I suggest using some easy driving setups for learning purposes. This one I always send to beginners: download 52412210 3c63915e2c4a53233021f5249d52a73b3093310a FBM_extrem1.set

If you use brake help you might increase braking power.

Also I can recommend a setup originally made by ilbens: download 52412354 556c37b89828e1f161018b3cf04d31200f0ad755 FBM_MSC.set

When you feel boring and want to drive something agressive and hard, you might like this one (it is the set I made 1:12.42 hotlap, download to watch: ): download 52412638 4d68fbc2a12048e8e00a3a65dcafe25aef9ff743 FBM_cla.set

Now show your replays and we can talk about it.

I am
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i'd like to get faster lap-times
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