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PostSubject: RULE BOX    RULE BOX  Empty2014-03-17, 11:20 am


Good morning mates,

I was just wondering if this "rule-box" was translated into English by a computer-programm. However, even if only 10% of the people who are joining MRc-Servers read this box, would it be nice to have it written correctly. I have got a little bit time to spare, so I have started to correct some of the mistakes. Should be proper now.
Wish you a good start into week, cu on track !

1. Play fair!
2. Respect the races, drivers and flags!
3. Do not disturb and/or insult!
4. It is not allowed to advertise anything on this server!
5. Racers using a vulgar or offensive username/nickname, will be sanctioned!
6. Racism and bad language are not tolerated on this server!
7. In case of problems, it may be neccessary to restart the race. However, these restarts will only be allowed on first lap.
8. These restarts can be made either by MRc-Team or by racers' voting.
9. Warning: Abusing restart-votes will be punished.
10. Drivers who have got blue flag must leave the racing line and give room to the overtaking!
11. If this is not possible, the driver who has got blue flag will slow down on the next straight to facilitate overtaking!
12. Crashers (deliberated contact) or cheaters will be banned from all 'MRc-Servers' systematically.
13. During race it is prohibited to park or rest on the race track. 
14. FBM Servers: SHIFT + S if you lose control (Spin/Crash) or if your car disturbs traffic!
15. GTi Servers: No SHIFT + S needed.
16. Rally Servers: No SHIFT + S needed.
17. Driving in the wrong way is forbidden completly in any situation or place!
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Limad 3
Limad 3

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PostSubject: Re: RULE BOX    RULE BOX  Empty2014-03-17, 5:00 pm

Everyone should read these before they enter the server(s)

I hardly doubt 100% of the racers on the server know all of these.
I took my time to read them once again.
Thanks for posting budd!  RULE BOX  4033496702


RULE BOX  143qd810
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