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PostSubject: Banned!   Banned! Empty2014-12-02, 8:33 am


 I'm ex Dj_Seth, now same guy but wearing a team tag, i was totaly surprised this morning when i joined your guys servers, to find out i'm banned for a long perioud of time, i saw the topic regarding the team i'm in, i'm totaly aware of the ''competition'' betwin who get's the players and other things, what i don't get is why am i dragged in when what i only want to do is to race but i can't because of some arguments which i don't want to take part in and pls dnt drag me in to them! can u guys pls ignore team tags and maybe unban some of us, i really enjoy racing with guys from mrc team and guys from the team i'm in! i really don't care on what server the race takes part as long as quality of the racers is good and the ''atmosphere'' is amaizing! Regarding who's playing on what server it's a matter of free will, that's why it's a list of servers there so u can chose where to go or who to follow!
 I might piss off some of the guys in my team with this post, but i don't see why am i supposed to be banned if i didn't do anything wrong, i respect u guys when i join u'r server, u guys respect me when u guys join our server, that's all i saw till today.
 I request to be unbanned and just race, Regards!
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Server Supad/Forum Admin, Airio Manager
Server Supad/Forum Admin, Airio Manager

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PostSubject: Re: Banned!   Banned! Empty2014-12-02, 10:48 am

thank you for your good message, i will unban all AA members

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Server Supad/Forum Admin, Event Coordinator
Server Supad/Forum Admin, Event Coordinator

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PostSubject: Re: Banned!   Banned! Empty2014-12-06, 1:13 am

--------------------   Mrc     <3      AA  ----------------------

   Love guys, we want race with fun..  Good Message seth.
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PostSubject: Re: Banned!   Banned! Empty

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