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 Lfs Server Stats Reset Request

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PostSubject: Lfs Server Stats Reset Request   Wed 24 Dec - 16:43

Hello i have been playing on lfs for a long time and when i feel like doing some f1 racing ill jump on your server.. but one of the racers mentioned that my pb was faster than the world record on blackwood. so i did some looking into that and it says 1:10.20 or somthing like that .. i never cheat and was maybe thinking back in the day my friend used to use my account untill he got his own.. was only for a few days, idk what he did but i didnt get 1:10 my real pb is around 1:14. i dont like the fact that im called a cheater because of my fake pb so if its possible to reset my stats on all MRc servers it would be greatly appreciated. i dont like cheating and i would like everything to be legit. my lfs account is Mofo223 and so is my driver name. thank you.
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Founder, Team owner, Server Supad/Forum Admin

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PostSubject: Re: Lfs Server Stats Reset Request   Fri 26 Dec - 0:08


If you log onto your account on live for speed world you can delete that pb.

remember using hacks on MRc servers equals ban.

Thanks Simon
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Lfs Server Stats Reset Request
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