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 Server restarts by vote

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PostSubject: Server restarts by vote   Tue 19 May - 20:42

Hi there.
Sorry this being my first post but i am mad. I was having a great race in [Mrc) Master Rally it was till the end of race good like 1v1 very exciting the other(s) were far behind us and i had overtake in last corners almost in the end of race and was 1st place and almost reaching finish line in 4lap and then restart votes and game restarted...
The second race i made, 4lap and i was 1st place almost reaching final lap 40meters or something like that and then votted for restart and f**k again.. This is furstrating.. 

I like racing in your server but i gave up after this 2.. the people in server always vote dor restarting.. =/
I took a screenshot just to remind the noobs lol.
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Server Supad/Forum Admin, Event Coordinator
Server Supad/Forum Admin, Event Coordinator

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PostSubject: Re: Server restarts by vote   Thu 28 May - 13:26

This happens maybe there is a way of stopping the vote. drivers should not vote till after the race not while the race is still running. I was mad when it happen to me on fbm server. I'm not sure if i can change this, maybe i need to ask sam(team Boss) i'll try my best to sort this mate

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Server restarts by vote
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