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 A warm goodbye from ALO

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PostSubject: Re: A warm goodbye from ALO   Tue 3 May - 18:12

UPDATE: !!!!!!!!!!!!

MAX understood and UNBANNED me. I got so happy and I straightly went to LFS and drove a load of races having extreme fun to be back behind the wheel. I won almost all races and got the fastest laps everywhere with nice 1:12 times. I was making big progress and almost got my  RT back to 90s%  again. Smile (because when u get banned it goes down). MAX came online, we talked and I thanked him. Hats off to him. Wink
After 2 hours ,almost, of hard push racing, Bish got online. I say "Hi" to him, he says "Hi" too.
He asked me who unbanned me and I told him "MAX". Then he responded: "Alright, he's gonna be in trouble" and BANNED ME AGAIN !!!!!!! F#cking AGAIN for NO REASON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mad Mad Mad Mad
After all of these stuff, what more I need to do?!?!?!?!? Comments and judgement all yours for who is wrong and who is right... This guy ,obviously now, is abusing his power just because he doesn't like people and especially competitive people that beat him. (reason to get banned again? ZERO. He ignored MAX's move and came against him just to give me another ban killing all of my progress for absolutely no reason, TRUE ABUSING) After so many years of racing in many servers and working with many admins I've never ever seen a guy like him. At first, I thought it was me but now I'm sure that something is not right with this guy. A lot big drivers were complaining about him (for example nfav told: "bish is destroying LFS") but at first I thought they were exaggerating, but now I'm starting to see this. That's surely causes serious damage to such server/team like MRc. I think Sam and others should take the wheel and stop this madness.
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Founder, Team owner, Server Supad/Forum Admin
Founder, Team owner, Server Supad/Forum Admin

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PostSubject: Re: A warm goodbye from ALO   Wed 4 May - 0:32


Hi mate you should not have been unbanned in the 1st place as Sam said Bish banned you so it is up to him if the ban is lifted. But as you can see from the previous messages Bish was not going to change his mind.

Having said that I understand why you are annoyed at being banned, unbanned then banned again this should not have happened & on behalf off MRC I apologise for this.

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PostSubject: Re: A warm goodbye from ALO   Wed 4 May - 9:58

For these 2 hours of being unbanned, I proved who I (ALO) really am and who is right and who's wrong. The only mistake I see here it's Bish's mindless actions. Anyway guys, it's just pointless. Let me (ALO) banned forever and enjoy "safe" races. (actually you will only enjoy less competitive races). What I know, is that we all can make mistakes and we're here to correct them and develop and be better, that's what I did, my pc is now used only by me and I got my 2nd chance to get back on track and I lived up to the expectations by having a FLAWLESS session.

 I've never expected such a stupid behavior from such a team like MRc and especially from just 1 guy and his guesswork/speculations. Bish is saying nonsense bla bla about real company policies and stuff. He forgets that this is a game in the end of the day and also can you show me these kind of policies written? I don't see any rules being followed in my case. Other admins think I'm right, others think I'm wrong, total mess. You guys need to enact some serious and solid rules to follow. I just see everyone making up rules as he talks just to fulfill his personal desires. Where is the rule that says that when someone bans a player then he is the king of the world and nobody can do anything? It would be more honest and honorable for Bish to tell me that he just don't personally want me in racing and he just wants less competition, I'd respect that and not the stupid excuses that are all proven wrong. I'm honestly starting to believe that this is one of the reason LFS is dieing and all good drivers step off. As you can see, I'm happy only because in these 2 hours of "back to normality" I proved the truth and how wrong are Bish's speculations/guessworks. I'd expect an overall judge from all MRc judges in such a sensitive case but I don't see it coming. Since the opinions are splitted, a public voting would be the most sensible case. Personally, I demand all people's opinions and not a silly dictatorship from just 1 newcomer that knows nothing about our history in LFS and just wants to feel his b@@ls bigger. Trusting 100% a guy that he is doing everything to prove he is untrustful is nonsense. I hope fairness and justice to win and to see you back on track normally again, but with such stubborn, unfair, dictator and jealous people laying around  I don't think it will ever happen. I can understand now what Lewis Hamilton told about stewards, that they only exist to destroy racing and make everyone's weekend terrible.

And don't forget you disrespectful Bish, I helped you find out what happened with my cousin and now we both know. You (and we) wouldn't find it alone so you must respect that. And also I'm planning to do a deeper investigation myself and find  and send you all the public accounts that my cousin used (so you can permanently ban them). It seems that a guy on Facebook is creating them and spreading them. So I'm sure there's something more serious and organized here to be stopped and instead of going out and stop this and thank me for my contribution you blame me with s@it and stop ALO driving. So blind you are...

In order to sum up:
WHAT A RIDICULOUS DRIVER AND CRASHER , HACKER I AM !!! You UNBANNED me for just 2 hours, and I only took 11 wins and 2 podiums with 1:12.71 fastest lap and got rt from 85% to 90%. I must be a serious danger for MRc. I must get permanent ban, not 999 days. It's not enough guys... Bish, I think there's a rule saying that if someone gets a second chance and drives under 1:12.80 must get permanent ban and executed.

Congratulations MRc team, you promoted good and safe racing once again...

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PostSubject: Re: A warm goodbye from ALO   

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A warm goodbye from ALO
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