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 Unfair ban.

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PostSubject: Unfair ban.   Mon 3 Oct - 20:18


I got ban for 12 hours. Yes, i spinned, and my shift + s won't work, i dont know why. Then, someone hit my car ( I wasn't on middle of the road ) and voted, for ban. That wasn't my fault that my keyboard didnt work at that moment.

There shoul'd be a warn or kick, not ban guys -.-
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Paulo Rosa
Limad 3
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PostSubject: Re: Unfair ban.   Tue 4 Oct - 0:01


I was in that race, and had to kick a guy named higo´s for crashing in the first chicane and not respect the shift + s rule (shift+s when you spin), resulting in contact with me. You joined the server on the last lap, got a drive-through speeding penalty (not the reason for your ban) and you spun at the chicane and you didnt shift + s.

Now please dont try to throw sand into the eyes with your keyboard story, because right after you spun, you reversed to the grass... and then, with plain sight to oncoming cars, you moved the car right into the middle of the track, crashing into GigiNOS. If you had any keyboard problem, you wouldn´t have moved you car on purpose into the track to oncoming traffic.
Cars dont accelarate and turn the wheel on its own... your keyboard problem story is completly out of the question!

Reason i banned you was for deliberatly moving your car into the track (even worse than not shifting + s to spectate).

Dont worry, because your ban last only 12h, but you have to comply with the rules. When you crash, you ruin your safety rating, as well as other´s. You have ALWAYS to shift + s when you spin to avoid situations like these.

Normally i do warn people first, but in that case, crashing on purpose, its an instant ban. People have to be careful and respect the rules. It doesnt mean much a warning after you ruin somebody´s race now, does it?

If any MRc member wish to view the replay and overule my decision, you can find the replay here:

Please be more careful next time, as its not fun having to kick/ban users who dont comply with the rules. Drive safer and i hope you enjoy your racing at our servers on the future.
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Limad 4
Limad 4

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PostSubject: Re: Unfair ban.   Tue 4 Oct - 5:27

I watched the replay....

   I see no problem with the minor 12hr ban. I'll explain why... Yes you spun coming out of chicaine, rule is...SHIFT + S. Did you? No. Ok. Keyboard excuses don't fly and are not the problem of others, it's yours.
     Next, I saw no effort whatsoever to spectate, you barely even lift off the gas. You very apparently made an effort to try to turn around and continue right in the middle of the track??????? You could have continued to back up out of the way for the person who was coming clearly by the map. Now some other racer comes along with nowhere to go because of you and what you chose to do.... ignore the rules. SHIFT + S.
    Next.... it is clearly stated in the server when you join.... "please say sorry for crash or contact you may cause". It's the least we can do for ruining someone's race, no?..... Did you? No. 
    Then the guy you crashed starts a vote to kick/ban you and you say "what for??".... When he tells you "you were stopped in middle of track", you say "NOPE"???? Instead of just saying sorry for your obvious mistake and acknowledge it, you denied it flat out like some kinda trouble maker would do. The funny part is, I think the guy that ran into you obviously knows exactly where you were when he ran into you, and you denied it. Why? And we have replay. Makes no sense. 

  All that said... to avoid this type of problem in the future, I suggest be more careful of your conduct in MRc servers, acknowledge your mistakes, follow rules and fix your keyboard, you do need to spectate when you spin like you did. Hopefully you will come back and race with the rest of us and make it a better and more fun racing server.
    We are active Limads, and even when you don't see us there, we might still be watching....muaahhhaahaahah.
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PostSubject: Re: Unfair ban.   

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Unfair ban.
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