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YakRuski Empty
PostSubject: YakRuski   YakRuski Empty2017-09-20, 6:40 pm


BL1 @ XRG 1:34:46

United States

[MRc] YakRuski


Level 3: 81%

Blackwood, XRG

Need someone to race with that drives clean

I expect people to respect the racing ettique.
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Limad 3
Limad 3

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PostSubject: Re: YakRuski   YakRuski Empty2017-09-20, 8:00 pm

Hi Mate,

Good to see you applied but I think you need more experience in LFS and on the MRc servers. You have less than 900 online laps and only registered LFS on the 28-04-17.

Keep driving on the MRc servers get to know all the admin and aslong as no issues we can look at accepting you into the team also get your !rt up 81% is not good for MRc members most are at 95% plus.

YakRuski 08021810
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