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 Finger for admi

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PostSubject: Finger for admi   Finger for admi Empty2017-10-15, 1:50 am

The collision has not been solved yet.

There is competition. I leave the end of the field. And Giver kicked me unreasonably.

@Finger@ O_o

This is not a finger, but a set of symbols, read the smiley face. Thousands of these emoticons are used by racers. There are smiles both positive and negative. There are similar smileys, even double ones. And something I did not observe, that for such emoticons unmotivated kiks. At first.

Why did Geover take that smiley addressed to him? And Geiver was so deeply moved, insulted, and immediately experienced spiritual torment ...

Poke my nose at the rules, where it says that smilies are prohibited.

Everything that happened afterwards was later and only an effect (with which I agree). I would not do that if Geever explained to me that I was offended by that smiley.

PS 2. To Simon.
About the relationship of zeroing earned points in the competition and my "bad" vpn you also did not explain.

PS 3.
Where to write Bish about the "bad" vpn also not in the know.
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Founder, Team owner, Server Supad/Forum Admin

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PostSubject: Re: Finger for admi   Finger for admi Empty2017-10-15, 9:02 am

Everything has been explained by myself and Bish on this forum if through translation you have missed it I can not help that.

This is my last post on this matter if you want to race in the next competion pm me here for an early unban and pm Bish about the VPN issue.

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Finger for admi
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