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Founder, Team owner, Server Supad/Forum Admin
Founder, Team owner, Server Supad/Forum Admin

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PostSubject: DISRESPECT TO OTHERS   Wed 14 Mar 2018, 12:39


Once again a warning to those who constantly think they can show disrespect 
to the rules and then to members who warn them about it. 
Even when you decide to break the rules or insult us we still show respect and
act in a professional manner so when you then decide to give the "bad admin" or WTF are you for real" after dive bombing my gran at tesco's on turn 1, you must understand that warnings become kicks then kicks become bans so be warned

Remember the servers are owned and run by MRc and we will always make sure that other peoples races will not be ruined by immature individuals

It is only a few individuals that are a problem so id like to say thank you 
to those who race fairly and keep it fun 

thank you 
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