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(Tom) TomTom


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PostSubject: sorry..bish..   Mon 7 May - 9:54

Hi bish.....

(it took all that time but the O.P understod the
reason why and its good to talk - it feel different for you due to being
new here - cant see whats wrong in long post -)

Sorry my friend...your rieght !

I just forgot that I wasnt here at the time what happened at the past !

I also didnt mean specialy your long postings.......

For shure things must be invetigate some thimes before ADMINS diside what will happen..

I meant things like 5 pages post just...the overtaking story.....

So sorry again brother...did not mean it bad....

Please stay nice to each other .......Live can be short.......
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Founder, Team owner, Server Supad/Forum Admin
Founder, Team owner, Server Supad/Forum Admin

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PostSubject: Re: sorry..bish..   Mon 7 May - 18:41

No need to apologise mate for anything -

I have to say that i do make really long post (ask swat he think when he sees my long post its google translator goes - lol

I understand what you meant - it was meaning after somethings been completed .there seems to carry on loads of pages of discussions which eventually strays away from the original reason of post.

I know you meant no offence or anything bro and we have the freedom to express our ideas without causing offence

+1 excellent idea about us posting our photos
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