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 Taha Burak (OmeRz22)

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PostSubject: Taha Burak (OmeRz22)   Tue 28 Aug - 21:06

when i loged on server this guy ---> Taha Burak (OmeRz22) was on server .. ( am posting this becuose i heard that he is pain in the ass .. ) .... so i was watcinh him .. if he will do any really stupid things ( he disapointed me .. he didnt do any crazy stuff) .. but now am not shure if this is really true Burak.I didnt ban7or kick him .. he did it by him self by spaming xD .. so you guys can check if he is real Burak or just some imitator.

good race



he was on Formula BMW server few mins before this post ...
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Founder, Team owner, Server Supad/Forum Admin

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PostSubject: Re: Taha Burak (OmeRz22)   Wed 29 Aug - 2:52

lol niceone, theres many things he/they do.from spamming til kicked or just repeatedly leaving the pits and crashing and pitting and crashing..

its right though that just having the same name isnt a instant ban but usually if they have for example there lfswname and racer name as something that has previously been used then it gives a little more towards the guarantee its them,its best watching them connect to formula bmw 2 server and they will try to enter track and they get spectated due to the pb limit then they try one more time and get spectated then 9/10 times they get cpw
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Taha Burak (OmeRz22)
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