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 Just a Question

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PostSubject: Just a Question   Fri 11 Mar 2011, 19:19

I wrote a long message here trying to explain some things. Now the topic is locked and probably moved somewhere else. My question now is simple: Is there anybody in the MRc team understanding what I was saying, what I was explaining? Anybody here seeing the whole point?
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PostSubject: Re: Just a Question   Fri 11 Mar 2011, 20:23

Hello EQ,

Topic was locked because topic has deviated from the main theme (Fuller, you know) and moved to Admin section. I am not sure if everyone from team has read whole post and understand main idea of all this.
Most of team have no idea what was this all about, or does not have "nerves" read long topic like it was. Its mostly about You, Sam... me... and less DriverGR who know what is this about.
Anyway Sam will post answer to AA forum and I hope everything will put on correct way.

Now my personal opinion.
Sam have true in this thing. He is pay for his servers, so he can do what he want Smile ... he also paid for PROS Airio and he can use it fully as he want.

You want keep high standard in LFS. Yes, its of course nice idea.... but evolution of LFS is like this....less laps = bigger popularity, more drivers, etc. And we need also keep this evolution. Otherwise our servers will empty and leaders will happen other teams which will hold this trend. We are not the only one in LFS. Same for you. Competition and rivality is enormous and if we will not team who will "move with the times" then it will do someone other... and we can close team and servers just because of drivers will lost interest.

Solution is create some servers which will follow current tendency. And one server which will keep high standards and require high requirements for driving there. When someone want drive "high level" race, he can join. As you can see, MRc have one server like this (MRc ELITE) .... and its empty 90% of time. If someone is driving there then its mainly someone from MRc, or AA team. Not very usefull of course and not pleasing... but its reality. Funny is when people with PB around 1:20,xx and more are join to server called "ELITE" and then surprised when PB filter dont want allow them race or tyres filter. What they expect ? ....Airio automaticaly kick them after 3 attempts to connect and..... server is again empty. And this happen again and again.

I hope this post will help you better understand strategy of our team and as many other teams we want survive. Not disappear.

Best regards
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PostSubject: Re: Just a Question   Fri 11 Mar 2011, 21:57

In fact you, the MRc team, who does everything to disappear and to bring demo LFS down with it. It is MRc who is setting very low standards, nobody else. Sam said I was exaggerating when I hinted that he is killing any decent racing. I am NOT exaggerating. How do you suppose to take care of the 8 demo servers or how many you have now? How do you want to have good racing with 3-laps servers? You just set the lowest standards there are, simple truth, think about it. And that all using my tool. Sam promised to do some changes. He did some, but he did not do some others, like requiring rally tyres on one of the two popular rally servers. And now he started another server for 3 laps. NICE. Done. End of story. I'm not interested in any more discussion.

People, of course you can do ANYTHING you want. Have 100 servers, whatever. Race for 1 lap, be yourself, do anything. Be any kind of team you want to be. But I will NOT watch the remaining decent racing in LFS being killed using my application. As of Monday, I'm sending Sam back his money for the PROS version. I thought we had an understanding. Today he took one more step directly AGAINST that understanding. I'm fed up with this. I will not discuss anything anymore. Your leader is heavily unreliable, we reach a conclusion one day, it is broken the next day. COOL. The whole matter is closed for me.

There are Airio servers trying to do 8 laps. I APPLAUD such tasks, it is exactly the thing that pushes LFS forward, keeps it alive as a real racing sim. YOU, through your great leader, ale pushing it all the way down. Do wherever you want, but not with my tool. LFS Lapper is great, it has extensive scripting and customizing possibilities. Gai-Luron will be probably happy to support you. You'll have a great time, I'm sure. But I am giving my hands away from MRc, from the early death of LFS.
As I said already, I cannot really force Sam to stop Airio PROS, when he receives his money back. I have no backdoors, no special commands, nothing like that. It is all available based on the fair use principles. I just expect Sam to shut it down. I am deeply disappointed in the way you were using the tool. And yet more disappointed at a complete lack of any respect to me, my experiences, my suggestions, my motivation, and above all, the principles agreed 1 or 2 days ago. Howgh.

PS: I will not be watching any replies here anymore, do not bother to answer. I will also not respond to any messages from your great leader. He will just try to cheat me again anyway. You know I NEVER use strong words. But Samix is shitting on my head with this, and I'm not used to such behavior, and I do not intend to start now. I have nothing against you as individuals, but the way you follow Samix is wrong and I will not be helping you along.
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PostSubject: Re: Just a Question   

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Just a Question
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