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 Dear MRc team. . .

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PostSubject: Dear MRc team. . .   Sun 14 Oct - 4:39

Hello MRc Team, I'm mek7on also known as >DrEeM< or >TarGeeT<, I've been on the server recently and couldn't believe how much people breaks rules. On the replay you'll see that I talk and almost behave as an Admin, but I had to do it because I'm tired of Wrong Way Drivers, Crashers, Hackers, etc. I know that I need to be a MRc Member and have good reputation to become Moderator/Admin, but at least I could have some rights, like Kick only. I know that admins can't be online 24/7, but I'm on the night when almost nobody from the team is Online on the Drift Server only and is when people break the rules. You may think "This guy is crazy, I'm sure he will kick everyone with no reason", but I secure that's not real, I'm a very pacific person, but sometimes I can't do anything because no admins are online and they can't do anything and as I stated before nobody can be 24/7 only to watch the server. I'm a very active person on LFS and will like to "stabilize" the server, I mean take out those Rules Breakers. With this I finish this thread, and I want to say that I won't criticize your Opinion.


With no more to say, Take care Smile.
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Dear MRc team. . .
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