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 pompeer application

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PostSubject: pompeer application   Tue 8 Jan - 11:02

LFSW Username. pompeer
Country. Hungary
Age. 18
License. demo
In-game name. [MRc] pompeer
Your safety. 85-95%
Pb time. 1.12.23, online 1.12.33 (FBM)
LFSW stats:
World rank. 49
Rank with keyboard. 1
Why you want to join MRc Team. I always race in Mrc's servers.
Well, MRC has a good team, and I always compete with MRC and my team is dead, so please.)
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PostSubject: Re: pompeer application   Tue 8 Jan - 11:06

Very Happy i go for pompeer , hes a good and safe driver ,i raced with him alot , i know applications are closed but we can make exception , so its a yes for me

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PostSubject: Re: pompeer application   Tue 8 Jan - 14:29

yes for me too. he is fast and safe keyboard driver. raced a lot with him and seen nothing wrong from his side.

I am
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(Tom) TomTom


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PostSubject: Re: pompeer application   Tue 8 Jan - 14:44

I race every day with him!

Fast and fair driver !

Tropics are closed mabe wait what Sam and bish think to do....

But for me is an yes !

Please stay nice to each other .......Live can be short.......
Distance: 362907.293 km
Fuel burnt: 56183.84 ltr
Laps: 101497
Hosts joined: 4051
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PostSubject: Re: pompeer application   Tue 8 Jan - 15:19

I'm sorry but i give a Negative support, and i'll tell you why..

I've seen you also a couple of times in our servers, and i think you have some weird actions some times. and since you've once been banned for youre behavior, i dont think this is a good idea..

Good Luck!


Stand Together as ONE!
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PostSubject: Re: pompeer application   Tue 8 Jan - 15:37

As i said on other posts.

Applications are closed.

Even so , your attitude the most of the times isn't the correctly, you've been already banned from the mrc servers once due to insulting and/or disrespecting a MRc member , so at my view , you are totally disrespectfully and many people complain about you.

It's a -1 NO from me , i won't be glad to be in the same team as you.

P.D: I think that this reaction against you isn't nothing weird.

Best Regards,
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PostSubject: Re: pompeer application   Tue 8 Jan - 16:02

yes for me too, he is a fair and fast player, i like race with him, and he helped me a lot:)

Best Regards,
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PostSubject: Re: pompeer application   Tue 8 Jan - 17:37

Why did he left MRc in first place?

However I agree with Ruben.

Would be "No" from me.


...finishes 73,55% on podium.  

[α] in my heart.

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PostSubject: Re: pompeer application   Tue 8 Jan - 17:39

For me is NO ....
I drove lot of times with you in the past month and i see that your behaviour are many times not correct with other drivers and members... Sometimes you didn't respect rules and insult others drivers .... Infact sometimes you were kick/ban by members...About your speed nothingh to say, very fast but to join in the team i think that isn't sufficient... If you change your behaviour i will support you without problems...

Best regards
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PostSubject: Re: pompeer application   Tue 8 Jan - 17:58

I have to say yes, pompeer always helped me a lot because I played on keyboard for a long time. Hes fast and fair driver and best on Ks. I think we should accept him.
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Founder, Team owner, Server Supad/Forum Admin
Founder, Team owner, Server Supad/Forum Admin

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PostSubject: Re: pompeer application   Tue 8 Jan - 19:11

Unfortuantly applications are closed for now, this needs to be done as we have a good increase in amount of members and if we never closed applications we would become unmanagable and it would start to create its own problems.

feel free to reapply whenever they are reopened

thanyou for your interest
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PostSubject: Re: pompeer application   

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pompeer application
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