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 In Formula 1 And all Members

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PostSubject: In Formula 1 And all Members   Tue 29 Jan - 12:18

Hello, you see my behavior was wrong, as I have said TomTom is think about it and wondered. In the first place I wanted to apologize to Brian Mrc, the bad and the ugly words used in his direction, as well as I would like to apologize to the rest of the members TomTom for my childish and reprehensible behavior. I hope you will accept the apology but you do not have to do that because I know that many already have opinions about me after he addressed to Brian as well as other users. Again, I'm sorry
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(Tom) TomTom


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PostSubject: Re: In Formula 1 And all Members   Tue 29 Jan - 13:29


No problehm..., but you got warned so many thimes and didnt care about it.

So make your races and stay fair and everything is ok.....

We all make our jokes..nothing against jokes , but yours are not so funny....

to often you get personly.....

Please stay nice to each other .......Live can be short.......
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PostSubject: Re: In Formula 1 And all Members   Tue 29 Jan - 15:35

Apologies are accepted once, twice...But if u just apology, i dont care about this... You also must to act correctly and change what is wrong.. So if u just say sorry, and still doing the same... not good.

But if u are going to change what is wrong and act correctly (doing jokes also obviously, u are funny sometimes Very Happy) theres no problem!! Wink
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PostSubject: Re: In Formula 1 And all Members   Tue 29 Jan - 15:59

Krukerz no problem to accepte your apologies, but it's important that you understand from

your errors and change a little your behaviour... It's funny to joke with you but not overtake

the limit of joke and start to insult someone..

See you on track Smile
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PostSubject: Re: In Formula 1 And all Members   Thu 31 Jan - 23:21

Your actions will speak louder than your words:arrow:



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PostSubject: Re: In Formula 1 And all Members   

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In Formula 1 And all Members
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