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 No fair in race ......

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PostSubject: No fair in race ......   Sat 8 Jun - 22:59

Hello team, and friends MRC, ...

Unfortunately, some drivers have difficulty understanding the definition of competition that does not rhyme with anti sport, but rather with fair play ...
The saddest n is not when this happens with drivers without much experience, although painful that it can understand and power of exclusion and dialogue I want to believe that everyone can progress ...
The most annoying and it seems t distressing and difficult is excusable when pimp fair play on the part of very fast drivers, even very very fast, it 's not possible for a good driver does not remember what it is that him not even passed up box .....
I do not want here and on the net denounce persone, a report will be made to a competent admin,
This little bit of "mouth" was all I suohaite good race, and thank you to the team for all these as serious as each other servers.
Sorry for my bad English please ... THX
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PostSubject: Re: No fair in race ......   Sun 9 Jun - 13:14

The post above is kinda like allot of words but all together it doesnt make anything. (for me)
hmmm, i think i understand what you mean. That fast drivers are also crashing etc but not get punished so hard as noobies?
Its probably the fast common drivers build up some credit.

@ Goat: Thanks for your sponsorship. I will never forget this!  
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Server Supad/Forum Admin, Event Coordinator
Server Supad/Forum Admin, Event Coordinator

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PostSubject: Re: No fair in race ......   Mon 10 Jun - 14:42

In my book every1 except team members get treated the same even if you are fast or slow Smile

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Founder, Team owner, Server Supad/Forum Admin
Founder, Team owner, Server Supad/Forum Admin

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PostSubject: Re: No fair in race ......   Mon 10 Jun - 18:29

its ok ive spoke to chrislap via email and sorted this out for him,his nationality is french and uses a translator so its hard for him to explain what he wants to say

hes a good guy

bonjour chris

J'ai expliqué aux autres membres que j'ai eu affaire à ce problème pour vous

merci ami
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Limad 4
Limad 4

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PostSubject: Re: No fair in race ......   Mon 10 Jun - 20:10

lol ....hyvä hyvä...
if someone own high experience and high rt...accident happen sometimes...usually they not stay mid track or not be danger other racer after drive out on the track...and then i watch sometimes through my fingers...sorry bad google.. Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: No fair in race ......   

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No fair in race ......
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