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farewell event for me in rallycross
Tue 18 Feb - 16:48 by christopheroeo
hello guys for those who do not know next month i will leave from my city .  and i will go in  one village  (mountain village) for work  for job  and  dont have internet Sad  for 6 8 months .(before i leave  i will make a topic  to removing my rights beucase i will leave for a long period Sad)

with joni jsrk  we say to organize a farewell event in wcl rallycross    for me  for …

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Comments: 2
Demo Rally Event 2014
Fri 31 Jan - 11:05 by Turbo-Power
Hi all,

I want you all very warmly to a demo Rally Event Invite.

Here are the details and planning:
Track: BL2

Car: XFG/XRG or Only XFG

Qualy: 15 min

Race: 30 Laps (with 1 must Pitstop)

Event Date: 07.02.2014 or 08.02.2014 

Event Time: 17:00 or 18:00 UTC

Server: [MRc] RallyX

Please make your suggestions

I would also …[/MRc]

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Comments: 30
Win a S2 license by MRc!
Fri 22 Mar - 12:15 by SaMiX
Hello racers,

I am pleased to announce that MRc will offer every month to winner the championship, a S2 license which will begins from April.

Each month, the racer with the most points (first in the list !champ or !ptc) win a S2 license.
The winner will receive a message with the code S2 voucher in the site : with his username.
he will then connect with the username on the …

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Comments: 97
[AA] Amateur Cup
Thu 25 Jul - 17:50 by RatRug
Hi all,

I'm here to invite MRc s2 users to a new s2 championship that we're hosting. It will be an 8 round event with increasing car speed and challenge. There will be a team championship running alongside the driver championship, with the 3 top drivers from each team earning points for their respective teams.

Information and Schedule: …

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Comments: 0
FOX Track Day
Sun 19 May - 20:10 by vitaly_m
I am pleased to announce the Formula XR (FOX) Track Day. The track name (and lap count) you will know when connect to server [MRc] Event (track will be loaded 10 minutes earlier to allow some initial setup downloading/adjusting).

Event starts Sunday, 26th May 18:00 UTC

The schedule for the event is:

  • 40 minutes …

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Comments: 28
Auto Event
Sun 14 Jul - 9:58 by SaMiX
Hi racers,

I make an auto event everyday on 3 servers Demo (CET Time type !now on the server) :

[MRc] Blackwood GTi 2 at 14h and 20h
[MRc] Formula BMW at 14h and 20h
[MRc] Master Rally at 15h and 21h

Qual 10 min, 2 races 10 min + pitstop required!

This auto event is just for the fun.
All commands are programmed, so restart is not possible.

Maybe tell me if something is missing or if you have ideas.

If …[/MRc][/MRc][/MRc]

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Comments: 8
[MRc] Karting League - Season 1
Thu 2 May - 15:35 by Ricky
Hello Racers,
after a long time [MRc] Team organised a new Championship. This will be a Kart (MRT) Championship with approx 10 Races. Here are all important Rules and Information.

1st half of the Season (Shedules)

1st Race: Friday, 17th May 2013, 18.15 UTC
- GP of Malaysia (Autocross Layout)
2nd Race: Friday, 31th May 2013, 18.15 UTC
- GP of United Kingdom (South City Sprint 1)
3rd Race: Friday, …

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Comments: 14
Mrc vs. AA team Tournament
Sat 26 May - 12:33 by deadmartinius96
Heelo.. I have an idea. Who are better Mrc or AA team??  Can we  organize Demo Torunament???  On BL1 then BL2 track for a two weeks :-)) Please reply admins, supads

Comments: 239
[MRc] Technical Track - New Layout - Aston Club Rallycross
Sat 23 Mar - 17:49 by Turbo-Power
[MRc] Technical Track

Hi all,

after a few months pause, I'll be back myself!

New layout is ready and waiting for you!

The track is hosted in Aston Club (AS2Y)!

Special thanks goes to "Tech3RChris" this time, he gave me an idea with his layouts.


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Comments: 2
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