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 IP Chance?

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PostSubject: IP Chance?   Sun 5 Apr - 10:05

Do you guys know how to chance IP? Cuz i keep getting ddosed by some p**ck  Sad

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Limad 3
Limad 3

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PostSubject: Re: IP Chance?   Sun 5 Apr - 17:23

unplug router for 15mins that works most times for me.

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PostSubject: Re: IP Chance?   Wed 8 Apr - 22:39

Aw man, that's terrible. Here is what to do in case someone tries to connect to your PC or DDoS it. The first part on network monitors is optional but it helps to have and know how to use it. The second part on Firewalls you need for sure. Please read in full before making any changes.

Network Traffic Monitor / Optional (so you can see exactly what is connecting to your network)
- Microsoft Network Monitor
- Smart Sniffer

Firewall Program (can block any unwanted connection to your PC)
- Comodo Internet Security

In Comodo, go to Firewall / Network Security Policy / Global Rule then add a rule to "block all incoming TCP / UDP connections". This will stop all traffic from coming onto your computer. Next, go to "Add / Define a New Trusted Application" and add your web browsers, itunes, and especially LFS so they are allowed to bypass the global rule you just set. How this works is that your network is now configured to prevent access to your computer unless there is a specific privilege saying its allowed to connect. Without this type of software, everything is allowed to connect by default only because there's nothing which prevents it. This does exactly that.

NOTE: DO NOT BLOCK WINDOWS SYSTEM32 OR ANYTHING WINDOWS USES!!! Only block as needed and in this case, only TCP/UDP INCOMING is ok to be blocked, the rest should be left as is. A pop-up window will appear each time you access smething. Its ok to allow those.

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Server Supad/Forum Admin, Airio Manager

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PostSubject: Re: IP Chance?   Thu 9 Apr - 10:38

If your router allows you to change the MAC Address router then you can do it whenever you want.
Remember to copy the original Router MAC Address and change it.
Sometimes you got to turn off then on your router to connect.

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PostSubject: Re: IP Chance?   

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IP Chance?
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