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PostSubject: MRC TEAM ISSUES   Thu 26 Jan - 11:13

i was away for a week whit some personal problems.regarding problem between exe and jay.i have recieve pm s from bout sides.bish and swat solve this thing quick.
my proposition for the future.SWAT open a topic just for members,nobody from outside to see this topic whit title MRC MEMBERS PROBLEMS OR TEAMS COMPLAIN.
Personaly i dont wana see 2 limads fighting online on server and make a bad impresion to other racers.should be like that:if a member have any complain from another member,put post on this was that whit exe and jay?i cant be on game too much,but in a few days i m gonna be again on fbm.any limad who do that again should be downgraded first time and on 2 strike removed from team.we have enought problems whit new racers,tweekers and other kind of miss what,now we fight one against the other?....i wait for SWAT,SOUTH,BISH AND FINALY SAM to decide about this!

good day all!!
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Founder, Team owner, Server Supad/Forum Admin
Founder, Team owner, Server Supad/Forum Admin

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PostSubject: Re: MRC TEAM ISSUES   Thu 26 Jan - 15:16

hi mate ive had a word with those involved and believed ive got the point across that we cant be a team if there is cracks all fairness Exe and adam and shadow hadnt done anything wrong..jayvii said a few wrong things and ive messaged him and explained that he shouldnt say bad things and cause bad blood within the team..he understands, .
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Server Supad/Forum Admin
Server Supad/Forum Admin

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PostSubject: Re: MRC TEAM ISSUES   Fri 27 Jan - 19:25

moved to "About the team"

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PostSubject: Re: MRC TEAM ISSUES   

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