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Founder, Team owner, Server Supad/Forum Admin

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PostSubject: Re: ADMINS..PLEASE...   Mon 24 Dec - 1:40

in reply to skyline34 , any accussations of any member abusing power is always investigated as long as reported. i have to say though that i disagree with 98% of faster racers are fair,, its at least more likely the faster ones who are impatient on the track and make bad moves causing accidents. if any racer is a constant problem on the track then its down to what is seen or what is seen when replay is checked.

and i have to laugh at was said by you to mrc tomtom, if it was said to me i would permantly ban you,if you have all that i would seriously doubt you would need to play lfs but instead do it for real,

sometimes admins/limads will make a mistake as we are only human, does a mistake mean that a particular member is abusing there limad powers - well no,it would only be seen as that if there was multiple times this happened which then would prompt futher investagating

about the original topic posted here

maybe its a good idea to put a new section in the members area where the names of people crashing others on purpose can posted then if necassary more stricter action can be taken
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PostSubject: Re: ADMINS..PLEASE...   Mon 24 Dec - 10:10


Yes,a good idea !

Make new section where all admins and limads can put the names of

dangerous drivers allways crash others !

So if they keep on doing we can give them a longer ban !

Mostly the fast driver think that teir king of the track and dont care for others !

they overtake when no space...bumpdrafting..and..and..and...

That cant go on like this...!!!

After a ban..theiy complain....but its their one mistakes by agressive driving !

Please stay nice to each other .......Live can be short.......
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