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PostSubject: To FRATPOSA   Tue 12 Jun - 20:25

Sry if I acted wrong the otherday, but as I was trying to explain at the server just minutes ago (you left again in a hurry, just like the otherday after the crash, witch I saw as a racing incident) it really wasnt me who started the whole discussion.

Main reason why I didnt say anything to you about your weaving at the start is that I find it useless. One could think that racing at mrc-server at least the mrc members would know and race by the rules. So what good can possibly follow if I`d open my mouth? Other thing is, I actually try and race when im online, and it`s kinda hard to chat at 200 km/h, I actually am kinda social when it comes to online games, but I don`t find LFS too social game if you know what I mean.

All in all, my apologies if you felt mistreated, wasn`t on purpose.
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Founder, Team owner, Server Supad/Forum Admin
Founder, Team owner, Server Supad/Forum Admin

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PostSubject: Re: To FRATPOSA   Wed 13 Jun - 5:24

hello section8

After we spoke a little the other day ive spoke to FRATPOSA about it and reminded him of the rules

If you see anyone breaking the rules even a member you have a right to tell them,if you are expected to abide by the rules then we have to aswell.

thankyou and i look forward to racing( even though i get
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