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 MRc Team :(

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MRc Team :( Empty
PostSubject: MRc Team :(   MRc Team :( Empty2012-12-09, 9:41 am

- LFSW Username: ronipl
- PB time which meets our time requirements:FBM:1:13:08 XFG BL2:1:09:67
- Country:Poland
- Your age: 16
- In-game name ( [MRc] Name ): [MRc]Roni
- License (Demo/S1/S2):Demo
- Your Safety:85%
- Favorite Track and car:FBM BL1 and XFG BL2 Smile
- Why you want to join MRc Team:Hello again, because the administration says my dream is to join the MRc.Nie adopted me before but I would like to join Smile.
- What do you expect from being in MRc:not Smile

Soryy for Bad English My From is Poland Smile
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MRc Team :( Empty
PostSubject: Re: MRc Team :(   MRc Team :( Empty2012-12-09, 10:49 am


I think this application is automatically rejected.

Applying 2 times won't change nothing.

Your first application 5 days ago was rejected:

Nothing changed since that 5 days , wait for the next team recruitment , then apply.

Also i will thank you if you change your thread subject to your name's account.

Quote :
Every new applicant please open NEW TOPIC and as Title of the topic please use your LFSW username.
Requirements & Template for application . ( CLICK HERE )

Best Regards,
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Founder, Team owner, Server Supad/Forum Admin
Founder, Team owner, Server Supad/Forum Admin

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MRc Team :( Empty
PostSubject: Re: MRc Team :(   MRc Team :( Empty2012-12-10, 2:12 am

you had your application rejected with what we advised you too do,if you cannot spend sometime being patient and getting to know eachother then it shows you dont have the qualitys needed, knowing how to race is only a part of what is required as we also look at the person and they conduct themselves,doing things like this will only lessen your chance of ever getting into the team

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MRc Team :( Empty
PostSubject: Re: MRc Team :(   MRc Team :( Empty

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MRc Team :(
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